RGB 4:4:4 , Sony LCD BVM L230, Sony SRW-5500

The philosophy behind the HD Cameras, Sony BVM L230 LCD monitors and a Sony SRW-5800 are linear in respect to the workflow process and the end distribution model. The concept behind the tools for production, Digital Intermediaries and Post Production is a “black box” concept…


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Former Long Beach Boeing plant will convert to a Film Studio

According to the LA Times article today the former Boeing plant has been green lighted for use as a Movie studio, complete with 1.1 million square feet of shooting space, a hotel, and can hold a 22 acre backlot…

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Outputting DBETA from Final Cut Pro

For outputting to digital betacam you will need a Sony DVW-A500, Sony DVW-500 or the DVW-M2000, all are digital betacam recorders. Typically for smaller projects add an Aja I/O hd box and the Sony VTR recorder and you will spend $400 for the broadcast equipment rental. You will need to factor that in to your budget when taking on a job…

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How to get 4:2:2 Quality H.D. Production with your Sony EX-3 camera

The new Sony EX-3 has excellent half inch chips, and you can put quality glass on the front end, by using an adaptor you can install Zeiss primes. It doesn’t get better than Zeiss lens.

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Hollywood Wannabes in the Midwest, Listen up.

Michigan now beats New Mexico, Louisiana and every other state in its quest to bring filmmaking to the cold north. Actor/producer and Michigan resident Jeff Daniels was one of the driving forces behind getting this legislation passed.

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The RED ONE Camera hits the “A” list at Cannes Festival

Director Steven Soderbergh, known for films, ‘SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE” and “TRAFFIC” was at Cannes this year for his latest film shot with the RED ONE camera. A film starring Michael Douglas was recently shot with the Red.

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The Red Revolution Continues

Next year the 3K Scarlet will be released for under $3,000.00 and it should again break all the rules. One has to wonder if this has the people at Sony, Panasonic, JVC and the other camera manufacturers in Japan quaking in their shoes?

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